Green Condo is one painting in the Bridging the Gap (from realism to abstraction) series of the winter of 2010-11. Green Condo and its family of 15 images developed from photos taken during a 6 week retirement trip to Europe in the fall of 2007.

The photographic images were chosen for their structural, color and visual interest. The subsequent BtG paintings were another attempt to move from realism to abstraction. Pondering the results at this point I feel/think that what occurred in the development of the final painting/s was the distillation of each photographic image into its essential and pared down features. If you “click on” the Green Condo images, e.g., you will be taken to photos of the development of that image. Seeing how I slowly transformed it from its realistic state to a mental reflection of the essence of my experience at the original location will allow you some understanding of my thinking process in the painting’s development. In the Green Condo example its essence is the multiple reflections and reverberations of the visual elements seen in the glass facade of the building and the environment that is seen in its mirror like surface. Playing with that multitude of reflections, the many surface textures created beckon the viewer to know more, move into the space and begin their own relationship with the painting.